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Design Intelligence Lab.


is dedicated to the research and education of digital design thinking in architecture focusing on computational design and digital fabrication. The research areas include, but are not limited to, parametric and algorithmic design, physical computing (sensors and actuators), bio-mimicry, robotic fabrication, machine learning, and computer-vision


The lab focuses on training innovative professionals rather than on innovative technology with the aim of training students as independent thinkers and innovative architects who can think and design with computational power. Students will be able to create through learning about the digital technology, which is continuously advancing its potential.


Making is at the center of the lab's pedagogy and the iterative and incremental developments of design and fabrication enable students not just to learn the knowledge in computation, but also to rather deeply internalize and personalize them throughout the body, brain, and mind. 


The lab focuses on questions rather than answers and provides fundamental theories and practical foundations for students to ask themselves about digital design thinking through real-world problems. These will introduce frameworks enabling students to integrate analytical approaches and creative problem-defining processes to solve challenging issues in art, architecture, education, business and health.







[Image Source: Erik Broberg. M.Arch 2015

Independent Digital Design and Fabrication Project]

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