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Ju Hong Park Ph.D. M.Arch. LEED AP



Design Intelligence Lab. Inc.


POSTECH Meta-Maker Space

Assistant Professor
Department of Convergence IT Engineering POSTECH

Adjunct Professor

Department of Industrial and Management Engineering POSTECH

Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence POSTECH

Institute of Convergence Science Yonsei University 

Contact: juhpark at

Ju Hong Park is a licensed engineer, architect, and researcher. His research is centered on Human-Machine-Collaboration, through research on artificial design intelligence as a vehicle to expand the horizon of human capability. He is especially passionate about theories and approaches to enhancing human capabilities through design thinking that defines the limits of brain, body, and behaviors by re-framing the context of problems instead of attempting to solve problems within them.


He is currently based in the Department of Convergence IT Engineering at POSTECH Future IT Innovation Laboratory collaborating with researchers and professionals in NASA, the U.S. Army, Miller School of Medicine, and Computer Science Department. Prior to being appointed as an Assistant Professor at POSTECH, he was an Assistant Professor and the coordinator of MS Arch in Computation and Embedded Technology Program at the School of Architecture University of Miami, he was a researcher at MIT School of Architecture and Media Lab, and an architect at the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) and the Coop Himmelb(l)au.


Ju Hong Park received his Ph.D. in Architecture from MIT (major in Design and Computation, and minor in Education with Harvard Graduate School of Education). He also earned M. Arch from Harvard University with faculty nomination for the prestigious James Templeton Kelly Thesis Prize, and B. Eng. in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, and Architecture from Hong-ik University.


Academic-Industry Collaboration Professor

Industrial and Management Engineering. POSTECH

​Associate Professor, Culture Technology, KAIST

Director IBD Group.

Project: Digital Twin / Smart Cities Project

​Assistant Professor. Interior Architecture & Built Environment. Yonsei University

Project:Digital Twin / Smart Cities Project

Assistant Professor. Interior Architecture Design. Hangyang University

Project:Digital Twin / Smart Cities Project

Prof. Lee O-Joun

Research Professor. Ph.D in Comp. Eng. Chung-Ang University

Kim Dong Hyung

​Researcher B.A. Journalism and Broadcasting. Chonnam National University


Project Leader: Tensegrity Robotics

Dibash Adhikari

​​Researcher M.Eng. Spatial Design Engineering. Handong University


Project Leader: Smart City. VR/AR

Ryu, Taeho

​​Researcher. Korean Aerospace University.

Project: Maker Space

Cheon, Jihyang

​​Research Assistant. Undergraduate Student. POSTECH

Kim, Kyungjun

​​Research Assistant. Undergraduate Student. POSTECH

Kim, Minsoo

​​Research Assistant. Undergraduate Student. POSTECH

Um, Giyeoung

​​Research Assistant. Undergraduate Student. POSTECH

Bang, Junwon

​​Research Assistant. Undergraduate Student. POSTECH

Kiketa, Vogel

​​Research Assistant. Handong University

Nam Suheon

​​Research Assistant. Undergraduate Student. POSTECH

Chang, Mi

PhD Student, Culture Technology, KAIST

Project: Digital Twin / Smart Cities Project

Song Min Kyu

Research Assistant. Undergraduate Student. POSTECH

Moon, Young Tae

Undergraduate Student. Creative IT Engineering POSTECH


Project Leader: Robotic Tensegrity System

Lee, Hae Eun

​Undergraduate Student. Creative IT Engineering POSTECH


Project: 78 Stairs Musical Instrument Project

Jeon, Yejin

Undergraduate Student. Han Yang University, English Language & Literature / Computer Science


Project Leader: Computer Vision / Smart Cities

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Undergraduate Student. Material Science and Engineering. POSTECH


Project Leader: Autonomous Electric Vehicle

Research Associate. B.A. Mechanical Eng. POSTECH


Project Leader: Robotic Tensegrity System

Project Leader: 78 Stairs Musical Installation Project

Project Leader: Personal Mobility (Electric Vehicle) Project

Park, Min Hyuk

Undergrad Researcher, BA, Korea National University of Arts

Research Interest: UX/UI, HCI

Choi, So Young

Undergrad Researcher, Mechanical Eng. Colorado School of Mines

Research Interest: IoT Healthcare and Design

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